About Us

For Little Angels is a children’s haircare range of carefully crafted products created by mothers for mothers. We are crazy about hair, so we’ve made it our sole mission to know everything there is to know about it. From kinky and curly to wavy and woolly.

As a brand we aim to pass on all of this amazing knowledge and support as you begin your child’s haircare journey. We do all of this at our super cute kiddies salon, Kurlz & Kutz, a haven we’ve created to pamper your little angel. At Kurlz & Kutz is where you get to see our For Little Angels products doing their magic on your Little Angel’s kinks and curls. We believe hair is fun and our Little Angels shouldn’t fear the pain of having their halos in different styles.

We seek to undo the age-old narrative of “suffering for beauty” because hair is an important part of every little girl’s identity and that shouldn’t be defined by suffering. We aim to walk the parenting journey with you while you teach your little angel at a young age to be confident and proud of their kinks and curls while learning about protecting their halos. For Little Angels products are ideal for all mothers out there who dream of having a stress-free, fuss-free and pain-free haircare routine for their little angels.

Our main ethos is ‘hair is fun, hair is playful and hair is a source of joy’. With this in mind we ensure that your little angel’s halo does not only look adorable but is also healthy, nourished and full of life!

Benefits to using our For Little Angel’s range:

Soft To Touch

Our For Little Angels products have a number of benefits for your Little Angel’s halo and that also includes hair that is soft to touch.

Tangle Free

For Little Angels products leave hair untangled and easy to manage.

Intense Moisture & Hydration

Our For Little Angels hair care products are all enriched with Argan Oil and Coconut Oil, these oils ensure that hair is highly hydrated and well moisturised.

Ease Of Styling

The results of using our For Little Angels hair care products includes having hair that is easy to manage and style.